How to Join H.O.G



Darling Downs Chapter



If you are interested in becoming a member there are a few things you will need to do.

For inquiries in regard to becoming a new member, please fill out the form on our Contacts page. 

To become a Member of the local Chapter, you must be a current financial member of H.O.G. (International) at the time of lodging your application o
n joining H.O.G.®.  as either a Full or Associate Member (ladies may also elect to join Ladies of Harley).

There is no extra charge for this and LOH members receive the Ladies of Harley Patch and Pin.    

There are two major classes of membership - either FULL or ASSOCIATE membership.  

See the H.O.G. website for membership information and the advantages of each type.  Normally, the rider joins as a Full member and nominates their riding partner or a family member as their Associate.  Full H.O.G.® membership is based upon owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and joining is as easy as this:


A new HD – If you have purchased a new (or demonstrator) Harley-Davidson motorcycle from Darling Downs Harley-Davidson, your first H.O.G. year is free from Harley-Davidson Australia!   Your Sales Consultant will help coordinate your enrolment at the  time of your motorcycle purchase.  

Online – If you already own a Harley, then you can become an Australian H.O.G. member by logging on to then select  Australia and follow the prompts. You will require the VIN number of your Harley and a credit card to make the payment 

A used HD - If you have purchased a near-new or used Harley from Darling Downs Harley-Davidson, then you can either follow step 2 above or try and twist the arm of your sales representative to try and see if they will include your first year H.O.G. membership included as part of the sale. (Only for new H.O.G. members though)    

Associate H.O.G.®. membership is based upon a  full H.O.G.® member nominating you as their partner, or family member for Associate membership of H.O.G.®.   Just follow the prompts (online) or complete and send the application form. ​

Joining the local Chapter
To become a member of the local Chapter, you must be a current financial member of H.O.G.®. at the time of lodging your application.  All H.O.G.® members are eligible to join any affiliated local Chapter by completing the Chapter Membership Enrolment Form and Release. Applicants are responsible for providing proof of their membership. An expired membership automatically terminates local Chapter membership and any associated memberships.

Life and associate memberships cannot be offered at the local Chapter level – these are national designations only.  All Chapter members must renew their Chapter membership on an annual basis and must sign the Chapter Membership Enrolment and Release Form each year. The sponsoring dealership has the right to terminate a Chapter membership should his/her conduct not meet the dealerships standards or vision. The sponsoring dealership has the right to refuse local Chapter membership applications


Come along to any DD H.O.G event (social function,  sausage sizzle,  ride or meeting)  and meet some of the local Chapter members  to see if Darling Downs H.O.G. is for you.    

Complete an application form and lodge it at Darling Downs Harley-Davidson or with Membership Officer together with all the required documentation, fees and nominations as described in the application form.    

Membership of Darling Downs H.O.G.  is for the calendar year.  Pro-rata fees apply and the details are in the application form.

If this is your first Harley-Davidson (CONGRATULATIONS !), and you purchased your brand new bike from Darling Downs Harley-Davidson, you will receive complimentary membership  of the Darling Downs Chapter for the first period. (until the end of the year).       Simply fill out the application form and get the team at Darling Downs Harley-Davidson to authorise the application as a new bike owner.   Once your  H.O.G.® number is issued,  your membership of the local Chapter will be confirmed.  (NOTE: Your riding partner will still need to join H.O.G. to join the local Chapter).

​Some of the Benefits

  • H.O.G. members receive HOG Items: Membership Card, Emblem (Patch), Pin, subscription to the excellent colour magazine “HOG”, access to the many HOG programs (e.g. The ABCs of Touring mileage awards), and the right to join a local Chapter (e.g., Darling Downs H.O.G.!!) ​   
  • New Darling Downs H.O.G. members will receive a membership card for the current year of membership and can purchase a Chapter rocker from the Membership Officer.
  • Current Darling Downs members receive a new membership card upon renewal in December each year.
  • Current Darling Downs members receive SMS reminders for all events as well as emails with newsletters and club information
  • Current Darling Downs members are invited to join the Chapter's closed Facebook group
  • Darling Downs Harley-Davidson  generously offers a 10% discount on the purchase of parts and accessories to Darling Downs Chapter members.  Proof of current membership must be presented at time of purchase.
  • Insurance as a member of Darling Downs H.O.G, you may be eligible for a small discount on insuring your Harley through various insurers like Swan and QBE.   Talk to Darling Downs Harley-Davidson for details. 

The Harley Owners Group is much more than just a motorcycle organization. It’s more than 1,000,000 people around the world united by a common passion – making the Harley-Davidson dream a way of life.  Belonging to our ‘family’ opens up a whole new world of benefits on and off the road with both social and riding enjoyment.   From the very beginning, there’s been something about Harley-Davidson motorcycles that brings people together. It’s a bond that is hard to explain, but is as easy to recognise as two riders giving a wave as they pass on a stretch of road. The Harley Owners Group was created to help people who share that bond get the most out of the experience of owning and riding a Harley-Davidson.   H.O.G is an international organisation founded and sponsored by Harley-Davidson Inc, H.O.G started in 1983 and has over 1,100,000 members worldwide and approximately 1,400 Chapters.

​The reasons that led to you choosing and buying a Harley-Davidson were your own and may or may not be able to be explained to all those around you as most people do not realize that it’s not only a new Harley that you’ve bought – it’s a LIFESTYLE!. 

A lot more was involved with your purchase of a Harley, such as –

You and your individual style as reflected in YOUR Harley,

  • The H-D Legend,
  • The H-D and H.O.G. lifestyle,
  • Two Families – yours and your new H.O.G Family
  • The camaraderie of 1,000,000 HOGs world-wide and 16,000 H.O.Gs in Australia
  • The Events that are run by and for HOGs

The H-D lifestyle is for us to know and for others to find out. It all adds up as ‘HOG’ and if you haven’t already seen or heard the phrase “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand” when referring to the Harley-Davidson experience, then as a member of HOG it won’t be long until you do!



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